Wednesday, April 1, 2015


 Lichens are composite organisms. In a lichen, algae and cyanobacteria live among the filaments of a fungus, They help each other to survive. The fungus benefits by the relationship, because algae and cyanobacteria produce food by photosynthesis. The algae and bacteria benefit as they are protected by the filaments of the fungus, which also attracts moisture. 
Lichens can grow on bare rock, or on living trees too. They use the branches only for support. They can survive in very harsh environments.
Lichens come in different colours and textures. I found orange, black and white lichens on the rock above.
Some lichen found in the Western Ghats is a major component of the curry powder. Now,I believe it is forbidden to gather those lichens from the forest.
Lichens warn us of pollution in the air. They are useful for assessing pollution levels.
I thank Mrs.Nesbitt, the founder of ABCWednesday, and Roger and his team who so ably are carrying it forward.