Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flowers of the Eastern Ghats- Cobra lily

 The Cobra lily, Arisaema is endemic to the Eastern Ghats- a low hill range parallel to the eastern coast line of India.

While Arisaema tortuosa is found in the rain forests of the Western Ghats, this Arisaema is found in the Kolli Hills of the Eastern Ghats.
The remarkable thing about these plants is that they are hermaphroditic. They start life as male plants, and when they are mature, they turn into female plants.
I would be grateful for a correct identification of this Arisaema.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amla for health

The Indian gooseberry, Amla Emblica officinalis is one of the important ingredients of Chyavan prash, a health giving tonic of Ayurveda. The fruit is loaded with vitamin C. The fruit are somewhat sour to bitter, but their health giving properties make them a perpetual favourite in India. The fruit ripen in winter. Pickle, jam, and morabba are made from them. They are good for the skin, hair and eyes, besides being a powerful anti oxidant.