Friday, December 24, 2010

Umbrella Sedge

The Umbrella Sedge Cyperus scariosus is found in marshy places , and near river banks. It is a tuberous plant which can become invasive in a garden. Many types of butterfly larvae feed on it. The tiny seeds are food for small birds and squirrels.
Egyptians used it for making papyrus. In Tamil Nadu, pretty mats are woven using this grass. The grass is also used in hair care products, since it encourages hair growth. The tubers of this plant are used in herbal medicine to cure diarrhea and general weakness.
The plant looks pretty when it is planted near a pond.


  1. Such an interesting post. I wasn't aware of this plant's medicinal properties.

    Have a pleasant evening!

  2. The small flowers look unusual coming out of the centre of the fan-like leaves, exotic! You are right the plants will look great near a pond.

  3. Such a useful plant! Love the palm-like leaves.

  4. Oh great, its beautiful, nice center piece

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