Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ivy-leaved Morning Glory

The Ivy-leaved Morning Glory Ipomea cairica is also known as 'Mile a Minute vine'! Because of its quick growth habits, it used to be planted along railway lines. It has leaves which are lobed. The vine flowers profusely in all seasons and gladdens the heart of the beholder.
This specimen has covered a whole tree in the park surrounding a lake in Mysore.
Being a native Indian plant, this Morning Glory is used in folk medicine.


  1. Beautiful flowers.. the colour is very nice.. here we have the same plant..

  2. Yes it's a pretty sight to behold! The tree looks like a wall now ;-)

  3. Very pretty blooms. This is the original wild morning glory we used to see on the roadside. My morning glory is the nursery version so the colour is of darker purplish blue with a tint of pink around the edges after one day old.

  4. Don't really like its messy growth habit, but the flowers are gorgeous close-up!

  5. They look best in the jungles because of the invasiveness. I also love taking pictures of the morning glory blooms. Pretty close shot!