Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red Ginger

The Red Ginger Alpinia purpurata is also called Ostrich Plume. The attractive bright red bracts contain small, insignificant , white flowers. The Red Ginger is the native of Malaysia and the national flower of Samoa. After the flowers have been pollinated, small plantlets appear at the end of the bract. The stem slowly bows and reaches the ground, where the baby plants take root.
The Red Ginger bracts are useful for flower arrangements as they stay fresh for a long time.
The name 'Ginger' comes from the Sanskrit name Shringa bera meaning horned root, which describes the ginger root. There is an ancient town named Shringeri, named after the ginger, in India. The ancient monastery in Shringeri was established more than two thousand years ago by Shankaracharya. The forests of the Western Ghats which surround the monastery, are full of different types of ginger.


  1. I love the historical and other informative titbits I get to read in your blog! What biodiversity in the gingers! I wonder if all them are edible.

  2. This red bracts are really showy. The colour can be seen from afar. Very pretty!

  3. I have tried to grow this but can't get it to flower. I think it needs a hotter climate.
    Beautiful flowers and great photo.

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