Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bromeliad Flowers

The Friendship Plant or Queen's Tears Billbergia nutans, a grass like plant, bursts into flowers in autumn and spring. The pink bracts are very striking- no less the dark blue and green flower. Since it is an epiphyte, it can be grown on a tree.

The Pyramid Billbergia, Billbergia pyramydalis has no such time restrictions. It flowers whenever it feels like, throughout the year. One has to protect the flowers from marauding snails.

The Matchstick Plant, Aechmea gamosepala is also flowering now. The small plants are easy to propagate, as they give forth lots of pups.I have lined a border with them. They don't seem to flower profusely when planted in the ground.


  1. Your bromeliads are so beautiful! I wish I have the Matchstick!!! The flower really looks like match sticks. So unique. I like the other Pyramid and Friendship as well. These plants are usually sold expensively here. Well, for me they are expensive but I think many other people could afford it. I am always looking out for small ones to buy.

  2. All my bromeliads including the Pyramid bilbergia flower strictly once a year! I was told that I could hasten the flowering by dropping a rotten apple near the plant but the trick didn't work with pineapple!

  3. Stephanie, Bromeliads are expensive here too- I don't know why. They are so easy to grow.
    Shailaja, I don't waste money on apples, the humble tomato works well for my bromeliads!

  4. The Matchstick Plant is so beautiful and unique! That one is new to me.

  5. Lovely to find another blogger with plants like mine! Thanks also for all the different names, I have been looking for that information! I live in tropical Australia.

  6. Wow I would love to be able to have that Flamingo plant.

    Goldenray Yorkies