Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snake Repellant Rue

A nursery near my house specializes in the 'snake repellant' Garden Rue Ruta graveolens. The owner of the nursery confessed to me that snakes slither past the rue, but people believe the malodorous plant to be snake repellant, and plant it in many places in their gardens.
The plant has lime yellow flowers, which also have the same oily smell. The leaves are feathey and bluish green.
The plant has many uses in Ayurveda. The leaves are used for curing cough, cold and influenza. The oil from the plant is very effective in alleviating rheumatic pains.


  1. It's all because of pollution ;) the garden rue has lost its edge, or the snake its sense of smell!!

  2. Interesting plant! The yellow flowers are pretty too. We have mosquito plant here ;-)

  3. Shailaja, perhaps the snake has got used to the smell ;)
    Stephanie, I'd love to see the mosquito plant:)

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