Saturday, September 12, 2009

Canna indica

Canna indica, the Indian Shot is not a native of India as its name suggests, but of the West Indies. It has attractive flowers ranging from yellow to a deep red. Its leaves are large and sometimes variegated.
The Canna has naturalized itself in India, and can be seen growing wild along riverbanks and along canals.The seeds are hard , black spheres reminding of pellets of a shot gun. Hence the name Indian Shot.
The seeds are used for making jewelry. In Vietnam, noodles are made from the Canna plant. In China, a wine is made using the flowers of the Canna.


  1. Wow, canna can be so useful? Now I know. TQ for this information.

  2. Interesting, beautiful and eatable :D

  3. lotusleaf; thanks great information. I grow this one, love its elegant, blood red flowers. I am a fan of Cannas.