Sunday, February 8, 2015

Job's Tear Grass

 The curious grass in these pictures grows beads with holes to string them! Village children love to gather the 'beads' and make necklaces and other jewelry out of them. The 'beads' have a natural pearly sheen. They can be easily dyed or painted.
Coix lacrymis jobi, or Job's tear grass grows in swampy places in the tropics. It is usually seen at the edge of coffee plantations. It is called Hullu Mani in Kannada.It is used as a fodder for cattle. Wild elephants are said to be fond of this grass. In Nagaland, the grain is brewed to make a beer. The grain is said to be highly nutritious.

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  1. Here, we call it 'jagung jali'. Well known as medicinal plant and the seed is used on the porridge.