Saturday, September 1, 2012

Determined Wild Flower of a Rain Shadow Region

 Two days ago I saw these wild flowers on a vine which had crept up my Curry Leaf tree. The beautiful tiny white flowers resemble the flowers of the Tabernamontana. The creeper exudes 'milk' when a twig is plucked. The flowers have no scent.
This year, because of the failed monsoon and the ensuing water crunch, many parts of the garden failed to get any water. This creeper, which I think is a native , must have had no competition from exotic plants, and has quietly, but determinedly crept up my Curry Leaf tree.
All native plants have medicinal uses in Ayurveda, but I could not find anyone to identify the plant..
Can you identify it?


  1. Interesting post about the wildflower

  2. Nice post. Sorry unable to identify this plant :)

  3. its Echinocarpus frutescence belongs to apocynaceae family

  4. Thank you, Rejitha, for the information.

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  6. This year monsoon was enough for the flower plants to endure in such hot conditions. Herbs like Botanicals are are extremely popular due to their composition and nature. Thanks!