Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Flowers of Wayanad

Wayanad is a hilly , tropical district in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. The wild flowers you see there are different, although it is only 300 kilometres away. The pink flowers in the picture above were blooming everywhere in the roadside. They look like the Touch-me-Not Mimosa pudica, but they are a different mimosa. Their leaves are not sensitive to touch unlike the Touch-Me-Not.
These white flowers were also in profusion at the edges of the coffee gardens.

I saw these huge barleria flowers while going on a trek in the jungle. The flowers were a beautiful blue and as large as Morning Glory flowers. Since it was dark, I could not take a good picture. I could not get the seeds, as I was scared to go in the thick undergrowth in the dark.

The Butterfly Pea Clitoria is usually blue or white here. I found these lovely mauve flowers on a trek to lake Banasura.


  1. hola, beautiful flowers.. the first and the last i liked a little more..

  2. The first flowers are another type of Mimosa but this type have so many tiny sharp thorns! Such beautiful sweet flowers...

  3. Lovely post. I've seen a couple of these while I visited Coorg and Wayanad.

  4. beautiful wildflowers. the last capture is my favourite.

  5. Great photos of beautiful flowers.

  6. The wildflowers of your country are spectacular.
    I am very much taken with this big Barleria flowers. I grow Barleria in red and mauve. the red one is a good groundcover but invasive seeding. The mauve one is a stunning shrub.I also like the soft colour of the Butterfly Pea.
    I would be scared too to venture into the jungle at nighttime...even in the daytime!

  7. the last one, the people of South East Asia use it as a dye for their cakes.

  8. These wildflowers are lovely and unusual.

    Goldenray Yorkies