Friday, September 10, 2010

Open Sesame

Sesame Sesamum indicum is a small plant with great properties. Although it has been domesticated since thousands of years, it also grows in the wild. The flowers are white or pink, tubular, and attract bees. Its name in Sanskrit is Tila. The word 'Tailam', meaning 'oil' comes from this word. Sesame is grown extensively in south India and its oil is used for cooking, for massage, and for lighting the oil lamp in the sanctum sanctorum of temples.

Many types of sweets are made in India using sesame seeds and jaggery. Ayurveda practitioners prescribe eating sesame seeds and dry copra for relief in hemorrhoids.
There are two main types of sesame seeds, one black and one white. The black seame is appreciated for its flavour. After removing the oil, the husk is sold as 'oil cakes'. This is a good additive to the compost, and makes the plants grow healthy.


  1. If dug into the soil after harvest the plant stems help control nematodes or eelworms in the soil

  2. Cute flowers. Don't really like the taste of sesame though.

  3. Never seen a sesame plant before.

  4. hii
    very interesting blog :)

  5. I had a sesam plant once, but never grew a flower.

    I will try again!