Friday, June 18, 2010


The Rhododendron was first discovered by the English plant hunters in 1799 in the Himalayas. Later, in 1850, an expedition to Sikkim, in the Himalayas, found more than 50 species of the flowering plant. Indiscriminate collection by the plant hunters in the last century has brought many species of this beautiful flowering plant to the brink of extinction. Trekkers and mountaineers in the Himalayas use the wood of this tree for fire, as it burns even when wet.
Rhododendron is called Guras in the local language. The flowers of the red rhododendron are used to make jam . Rhododendron flowers are also used in local cooking.
The plant is very popular among gardeners in the west, where many hibrids are available.


  1. Thanks, Aaron. All these are the wild Rhododendrons from the Himalayas.

  2. Interesting tree indeed. I wonder what makes the wood burn even when wet? I've tried to burning wet logs before and they don't burn so for the wood of this tree to be able to burn is amazing.

  3. The red Rhododendron is gorgeous!
    Being able to burn while wet? That's for sure amazing!

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