Saturday, February 13, 2010


The Frangipani Plumeria alba is a native of tropical America which has naturalized itself all over the tropics. It is called Champa in Hindi and Deva Kanigile in Kannada. Its name in Kannada means 'Oleander of the gods'. It is also called the 'Temple tree.' The funny thing is, it is never offered in Hindu temples. South Indian women who wear all kinds of flowers in their hair, never wear this flower!
The plumeria tree is a small tree which can resist drought. The flowers have a heavenly scent, which becomes more noticeable during the night. The frangipani flowers have no nectar, and so the attract their pollinators, a type of moths , by their scent and luminous colour.Even the fallen flowers retain the scent.
All parts of the Plumeria tree are poisonous.
The Frangipani is the national flower of Laos, where it is called Champa.


  1. Frangipane trees grow well here. The scent is wonderful and they are so easy to propagate. They are not any more so widely planted as they used to. Perhaps like many other plants they might catch the eye of a fashonista landscaper and swept back into fashion.

  2. Frangipani blooms are so pretty. I like this white one - it's the frangipani that I always recognize from young. Have a wonderful day!

  3. great photo shot, it makes the flower look fresh too.

    Love from Valentine day flowers :)