Saturday, January 16, 2010

Solr Eclipse

There was a solar eclipse on the 15th January. We saw only a partial eclipse , but people in some parts of India saw the annular eclipse, a ring of fire. Tiny holes in the leaves of trees acted as pinhole cameras, and there were myriad images of the solar eclipse on every surface. You can see the image of the eclipse on the leaves of this Anthurium.
The flower of the Asystasia gangetica is surrounded by the images of the eclipse.

On a cement pavement.

The eclipse mirrored by dry leaves.

A butterfly basking in the light of the eclipsed sun.


  1. Lotusleaf, that's amazing! The shadows are in scallop pattern. It must have been quite an unusual experience for you even if you were not able to witness full eclipse at your area. I don't recall seeing anything like before. Btw, I like that Anthurium. It looks very healthy. Enjoy your Sunday :-D

  2. Hi Steph! Yes, the eclipse was a thrilling experience for me. Have a good day!

  3. Fantastic and lovely shots !! Simply nice and beautiful !!