Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giant Cane

A stream runs through the northern edge of the suburb where I live. Long time ago, it was a fresh water stream which fed the vegetable gardens . Now it is a malodorous and polluted stream carrying mainly the discharge from various factories. The water treatment Plant upstream makes sure that it does not become a dead creek. The Giant Cane, Arundo donax along its banks is another thing which keeps the creek full of fish and birds.
The Giant Cane is a native of India, which has naturalised itself in many tropical and sub tropical lands. In some places, it is considered a pest as it uses up large amounts of water.
The Giant Cane has been used to make flutes since 5000 years. Reeds of the woodwind instruments like the oboe, clarinet and saxophone are made from this plant. It is also used as a bio fuel. Animals do not eat it as it contains toxins like silica. The plant is rich in the alkaloid tryptamine.


  1. Cane juice is so sweet and refreshing. In this case, I see why they take up a lot of water. They make good sugar :-D

  2. Stephanie, Arundo does not give sweet cane juice like the Sugar cane. But both the canes take up a lot of water.

  3. There is an ornamental kind with variegated leaves which is not so invasive and makes a nice garden plant. Arundo donax versicolor